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Wednesday, August 9


8:00am-12:00pm Weigh of Animals
1:00pm- Mandatory Exhibitor Meeting
2:00pm- Egg Toss
2:00pm- 7:00pm Entries taken at Indoor Builiding
4:00pm- Kissing Booth
5:00pm- Craft Hour
6:00pm- Chili Contest

Thursday, August 10

9:00am- Pig Show followed by Lambs
9:00am-2:00pm- Indoor Exhibits Closed for Judging
2:00pm- Horse Show 
5:00pm- Wheel Barrel Contest
6:00pm- Hay and Straw Throwing Contest
7:00pm- Corn Hole Tournament

Friday, August 11

9:00am- Goat Show followed by Steers and Heifers
9:00am-7:00pm- Indoor Building Open to Public
1:00pm- Small Animal Judging 
3:00pm- Dog Show
5:00pm- Cake Walk
5:00pm- Team Roping
7:00pm- Corn Hole Tournament

Saturday, August 12

8:00am- Youth Ranch Rodeo
9:00am- Volleyball Tournament 
9:00am-3:00pm- Indoor Exhibits Open to Public
10:00am- Small Animal Parade
11:00am- Sack Race
12:00pm- Musical Chairs
3:00pm- Awards and Junior Livestock Sale
6:00pm- Corn Hole Tournament
8:00pm- Dance

Sunday, August 13

8:00am- Clean Up and Release of Animals
8:00am-10:00am- Pick up Indoor Exhibits
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